AfriPipes’ growth is built on 7 pillars to win its customers’ trust:

  1. We do business in an open and transparent way
  2. We listen, learn and innovate continuously
  3. We encourage and celebrate diversity in all its forms
  4. We provide world class customer service
  5. We never compromise on quality
  6. We advocate for our products and services
  7. We are agile and responsive

Our culture is built on simple values – honesty, integrity, enthusiasm, appreciation, and respect.


Our in-depth knowledge of plastic raw materials and manufacturing processes coupled with the ‘state-of-the-art’ testing facilities, allows us to deliver an unmatched value in the global markets.

AfriPipes is the mark holder of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. Furthermore, AfriPipes Middle East microducts are  certified as per the EU Regulation.

Whilst designing and manufacturing our telecommunication ducts, we ensure compatibility with cables from global manufacturers and inter-operability with our customers’ existing networks.

Our ever-growing customer-base is a testament of our focus on Quality.

Customisation and Flexibility

AfriPipes always responds to customer requirements with enthusiasm and agility, with short development cycles for new ducts and offers customisation to meet specific customer requirements. We are always ready to assist our customers to add value to improve the reliability and the cost-effectiveness of their network.

We supply a wide range of complementary products and accessories required for optimal duct installation and lifetime performance.

Logistics Support

AfriPipes has a highly trained logistics team able to handle small or large projects with efficiency and effectiveness. We tailor our order fulfilment processes to meet the time commitments stipulated by our customers.

Business Continuity

With 5 production facilities geographically distributed, Afripipes allows customers to mitigate their supply chain risk with each facility having the same infrastructure – raw-materials, production equipment, and processes and testing facilities.

Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility

AfriPipes embraces the need to design and manufacture its products and services to create minimum environmental impact and has engaged with EcoVadis and CSR to provide external scrutiny of its commitment to sustainability. AfriPipes was awarded a gold medal by Ecovadis for its CSR practices in 2021.

In South Africa, AfriPipes South Africa is a Level 3 BEE contributor, supporting social and enterprise growth through various projects, thereby uplifting the communities we operate in.



Our Centres of Excellence


AfriPipes GmbH is our Sales/Marketing and logistic hub for Europe. We have a full team to support our European customers.

South Africa

AfriPipes SA is our manufacturing and Logistic Centre of Excellence specialised in manufacture and distribution of telecommunications and other related products for Sub-Saharan Africa.


AfriPipes Kenya is our manufacturing and Logistic Centre of Excellence specialised in manufacture and distribution of telecommunications and utility related products for Eastern African Region.


AfriPipes Group is one of the promoters of Egypt Telecom Solutions, which is our manufacturing and logistic hub for telecommunications and other related products supporting operators and installers in Egypt and the regional countries.

Our Customers (A – Z listing)

European Customers

Multinational Customers

International Customers